September 26-28, 2016 at The Radisson Hotel in Winnipeg

One Welfare is an emerging topic that examines animal and human welfare in a One Health framework to address complex conditions where the human mental health has a direct impact on the outcomes for all species involved.

The International One Welfare Conference is an opportunity for national and international subject matter experts as well as decision makers in the fields of human and animal health and welfare to learn from each other within the One Welfare framework. We will discuss the science, best practices, models and policies that have shown successes –or challenges— in managing complex issues, from hoarding involving animals through to on-farm animal welfare issues that relate to human outcomes such as mental health, ageing, and socioeconomic status.


One Welfare is the blending of animal and human welfare in a One Health framework to address complex conditions, such as hoarding, where the human mental health has direct impact on the outcomes for all species involved.
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Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid

Canadian Red Cross LogoProviding the tools to deal with traumatic situations, to understand what self care is, to recognise and help a colleague in distress and to know what the next steps are to treatment are important for many workplaces in Canada. The
Psychological First Aid Training program will focus on developing the knowledge, skills and abilities to create a safer, healthier working environment and foster wellbeing for our Canadian workforce.

We're pleased to offer this excellent opportunity as an option for registrants.

Romeo Dallaire

Keynote Dinner: Lieutenant-General, the Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret'd)

A stunning evening keynote address by Romeo Dallaire at the beautiful Canadian Museum for Human Rights. A limited number of tickets are available for the general public.

Radisson Hotel, Downtown Winnipeg

Program and Registration

We’ve designed a program to suit a variety of needs, while bringing everyone together for our common goal. Whether you are on the front lines of care, the forefront of research, or the driver of policy and decision making, you’ll find plenty of useful knowledge and opportunities to exchange ideas.



Centrally located and accessible through its Richardson International Airport, The International One Welfare Conference will take place in Downtown Winnipeg a city known for its artistic and cultural landscape, delicious culinary experiences, and rich history.