What is One Welfare?

One Welfare is the blending of animal and human welfare in a One Health framework to address complex conditions, such as hoarding, where the human mental health has direct impact on the outcomes for all species involved. Developing resolutions for such complex issues needs multiple jurisdictional involvements to establish comprehensive outcomes.

The International One Welfare Conference is designed to address the many facets of managing complex social situations where the welfare of both the humans and the animals involved are carefully considered in a positive solution.

Complex social problems, including mental health conditions such as hoarding and many on-farm animal welfare cases, are a burgeoning challenge in jurisdictions across the nation. Compounded by underlying mental health conditions, social isolation, and other forms of disparity, these challenges are further complicated in situations involving large numbers of animals. Individual situations can be very difficult to manage and resolve in a holistic manner.

Fortunately, recognition is building that collaborative, cross-jurisdictional approaches are necessary for successful resolution and that the complexity of developing a comprehensive management program involves multiple government, community-based organizations, and industry working together.

Conference Objectives

The International One Welfare Conference is a foundational event, providing the opportunity for national and international subject matter experts, decision makers, and front-line workers in the human and animal health and welfare fields to learn from each other.

By bringing together public and private stakeholders, including those from government, academia, non-profit organizations and industry, we can discuss the science, best practices, models and policies that have shown successes – or failures – in managing these complex issues.

Together, we aim to:

  • Create a positive environment for national and international expert knowledge sharing.
  • Identify the primary stakeholders when dealing with the human element of animal welfare such as mental health, and strengthen appreciation for how they work towards shared objectives.
  • Share solutions from across regions, jurisdictions, public and industry sectors.
  • Examine and address legislative barriers and solutions.
  • Develop a framework document for complex social situations.
  • Create a knowledge repository by making conference minutes available.