Day One (September 26)

8:00 Registration

09:00 - Opening Ceremony/Welcome

09:30 - Keynote Address: An Overview of One Welfare

10:00 - Break

10:15 - Plenary Session: Psychosocial Health and Agriculture

Presented by: Michael Rosmann

11:00 - Break

11:15 - Plenary Session: Hoarding and Domestic Squalor

(part one) Presented by: Jyothi V. Robertson

12:00- Lunch Break

13:00 - Plenary Session: Hoarding and Domestic Squalor

(part two) Presented by: Christiana Bratiotis

13:45 - Break

14:00 - Plenary Session: Panel Discussion on Multi Agency Responses

Presented by: Colleen Marion & Stéfane Gravelle Catherine Devitt

15:30 - Break

15:45 - Plenary Session: Panel Discussion on Impacts on First Responders

Presented by: Gary Vroegindewey Maxine Holmqvist

18:00 Keynote Dinner

Lieutenant-General, the Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret'd)

Please note: you must choose this option as part of your registration in order to attend. Some tickets are available to the public.

21:30 Networking Reception

Please note: you must choose this option as part of your registration in order to attend. This portion of the evening is open only to conference attendees and immediately follows the Keynote Dinner.
Day Two (September 27)

8:00 Continental Breakfast

8:15 Breakout Sessions:

Special Topics 1.1: Compassion Fatigue

Presented by: Debbie Stoewen Brenda Lovell

Special Topics 1.2: Hoarding

Presented by: Jyothi V. Robertson Christiana Bratiotis

Special Topics 1.3: Remote Communities- Animal Population Control, Access to Veterinary Care

Presented by: Marilou Chanrasmi Anne Fawcett Michelle Lem

9:30 - Break

09:45 - Keynote Address: International Leadership and Governance

Presented by: OIE— The World Organization for Animal Health

10:15 - Plenary Session: Education Campaigns and Initiatives

(Panel Discussion) Presented by: Anne Fawcett Erin Wasson Freda Scott Park

11:30 Lunch and Lunch Sessions

Lunch Break & Poster Sessions

Poster submissions are open!

Working Lunch- Governance Discussion (invite only)

12:30 Breakout Sessions:

Special Topics 2.1: Proactive Industry Initiative

Presented by: David Wiens Jacqueline Wepruk

Special Topics 2.2: The LINK— Animal and Family Abuse

Presented by: Phil Arkow Freda Scott Park

Special Topics 2.3: Positive Impact of Animal Ownership— Homelessness & Public Health, Role of Therapy Animals

Presented by: Michelle Lem Darlene Chalmers

13:30 - Break

13:45 Breakout Sessions

Workshop 1A: Scoping the Path Forward

Workshop 2A: Psychological First Aid Training

note: Psychological First Aid Training is only for those who have included it as an option in their registration

14:45 - Break

15:00 - Closing Ceremony

15:30 Workshop 2B: Psychological First Aid Training (continued)

Day Three (September 28)

Continuation of Red Cross Psychological First Aid Training

Please note that the third day only applies to those registered for the Red Cross PFA training course.