Jyothi V. Robertson
Christiana Bratiotis

Dr. Robertson will discuss the complexities of animal hoarding, with a focus on urban hoarding and the programs that are needed for a successful resolution and treatment of all species. Hoarding and squalor are both rooted in mental health conditions but are in different parts of the continuum. When animals are involved, this lends an additional complexity to consider and the need for wider programs, such as veterinary care and animal shelters. This will be a central educational session for the conference that acts as an excellent example to highlight complex social issues that need a comprehensive and collaborative network of services to make a difference. Together with her colleague, Dr Christiana Bratiotis, this will be a fundamental session to attend.

Dr Bratiotis will discuss the multiple aspects of hoarding, the influence of mental health on this situation, and highlight the differences between squalor and hoarding. Hoarding and squalor can have many reasons and can manifest differently when in varying settings. This session will highlight the differences in an urban vs. a rural setting, the affect of age on managing squalor or hoarding, the influence of having to care for animals, the complexities of treatment when animals are involved, and the community supports that are needed to have successful programs. From this fundamental educational session, it will be clear that there are core aspects that are needed in all cases of hoarding but there are many other pieces that need to be considered when dealing with the varying aspects of hoarding and squalor. The teamwork with her colleague, Dr Robertson, will serve as a comprehensive overview for complex social conditions.