Erin Wasson

Session: Veterinary Social Work Initiative

Erin WassonErin Wasson MSW, RSW is a registered social worker who has worked clinically in a number of areas, including: mental health, addictions, crisis response, interpersonal violence, trauma, disordered eating, geriatrics, disability, and youth work. She has spent her career working with individuals, groups, and communities as an advocate, clinician, and educator with the goal of promoting resiliency. A central tenant to Erin’s work is a holistic approach to practice, which includes biological, psychological, social, and spiritual assessment and intervention. This approach, combined with different theories and practices, helps Erin to explore with clients the context of their experiences that lead to relational connection and disconnection within their lives.
In 2014 Erin, implemented the Veterinary Social Work services at the University of Saskatchewan, Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), the first of its kind in Canada. From a one health perspective, she continues to work as a social worker at the WCVM, providing services to clients of the Veterinary Medical Centre; as well as resources to staff, faculty, and students. Additionally, Erin has been active in the promotion of health, wellbeing, and tangible self-care strategies with veterinarians and allied professions. This includes providing resources, support and educational seminars to professional associations, animal protection agencies, and other groups who manage the challenges that arise in the interface of the human and animal bond.