Stéfane Gravelle

Stephane Gravelle

Brandon, Manitoba

Stephane GravelleStéfane Gravelle is a frontline Environmental Public Health professional currently employed with Manitoba’s Department of Health. He is board certified by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science from Ryerson University. After certifying in 1993, he spent the following decade working in northern Manitoba with diverse communities and managing environmental health risks associated with various developments such as: mining operations, hydro-electrical projects, contaminated sites and aging municipal infrastructure.

Stéfane Gravelle currently works in western and northern Manitoba conducting risk assessment & health hazard management work with the province’s Health Protection Unit dealing with: rental housing standards, food safety, care facilities, personal service facilities, air quality, water quality and communicable disease investigations. He is a proponent for good Public Health policy, inter-professional collaboration and evidence-based intervention strategies designed to benefit current and future generations of Canadians. He is a founding member of the Prairie Mountain Inter-Agency Hoarding Coalition (PMIHC).